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This isn’t just like any other Degrassi roleplay. If you’ve heard of the group Degrassi of the Future or DOTF, we’re based off of the events that happened when the RP closed! MANY characters open currently, more to come as well. Interested in joining the fun? Contact us here:

dotf rememberance blog

It’s going to kinda be like little dotf things, but not really because i don’t feel like making graphics for them lol.

but if you have any of the little dotf thing on your blogs - tell me and ill repost them on there <3



leave your personal on this post, and i’m going to add it to the who’s who list just so it is a little easier <3

I will give an honorable mention to Degrassi of the Future


It was a nice run you guys had. I loved all your stories and interactions with one another. Your roleplay will be missed. Most roleplays don’t last long (most is 3 months tops) but you guys seemed to had a good run. I hope that someday in the future you guys all come back together and create a new roleplay group. One that will hopefully be active again. I wish you guys all the best, I’m sure you guys made best friends or people you would consider families. Promise me one thing, keep on roleplaying.



Note: This is something I will do to dying roleplays. I think each roleplay deserves an honorable mention. I should make a “In Memory Page” dedicated to roleplays that ended.

I love you guys; don’t forget that

okay because i don’t care on the order just look for your name, but even if your name isn’t on this list - it doesn’t mean i don’t love you; it’s just means i didn’t know you well enough to say something <3 oh, and our paths will cross again, they always do. <3 Deejay

Absalom aka Spinner aka Hannah you have for real been one of my closes friends in this roleplay and I am so lucky that you don’t live too far away from me. lol. I’m going to miss seeing Spinner’s ass on my dash again. But then again, I’m not. You are the best caterpillar a snowy owl could have ;)

Sydney be good, stay in school, get good grades, and TEXT ME MORE OFFTEN! lol. i’m going to miss seeing your holly j. she was perfect and i loved her so much. And you are amazing don’t change okay? Or don’t change without telling me first haha :P

Laura zomg. I have been missing Adam for like ever now. I miss the random Adam like food spams, but I really fell in love how you portrayed Adam perfectly. I love you Laura and just because we don’t have Alli and Adam’s friendship anymore DOES NOT mean that Declan and Alli can’t have a better one now ;D

Hannah aka the namer of the unholy trinity that is skyeeah I‘m going to miss you’re lovely Liberty but i get her in super heroes still. don’t worry i still have your personal to bug you with owalli stuff with ;D

DeeDee The Clare to my Alli, my bhandarco lover. We where in this roleplay, like most of the people on this list, from the start. I now Clare and Alli had a rocky time, i mean come on Alli was worried out of her mind about Clare and lost her baby because of it. Just know I’ll miss you <3 keep in touch

Zoe i love you that is all XP jkjk. but really i’m not leaving you fully. I’ll still get your humor in NSH :P but i’m going to miss Fitz and how he was always high whenever i got on. haha

KayLee the baby of the future ;) I’m going to miss you loads and how well i got to know you ooc even though i always told you that you acted and looked WAY more than 13. <3

Angel babe i’m going to miss you. I was so glad that we got Alli and Bianca friends before the end. I’m already getting withdrawn from their relationship. 

Sally I remember the first time i paraed with you. Imogen was getting her first tattoo and alli her like fourth or whatever. I don’t really know why I remember that the most, but I had wished that we had made Alli and Imogen closer friends and I’ll miss you.

Jackie lol today Jess getting jealous over Alli was perfect. i really wish i got to know you better ooc but i still have time to do that in NSH. but i am going to miss you as Jess </3 

Alex KC is flawless I tell you FLAWLESS. I don’t care that you are one of the newer members here, you’re writing is amazing and i’m sure our paths are already crossing again ;)

Jess I love you. You know this. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see Owalli on here before we closed down shop, but I have to tell you, Owalli on here was fucking amazing :P I love you!

Megan what do i say about one of my best friends and Daniel’s wife other than to hand him over to me for a day :D jk. But you know how much i love Sean, and how well you portrayed him. you are the best.

Skylar, aka the most amazingest person that I could have got for an Owen in this roleplay. i don’t even know where to start with this, Skylar. You are one of my first friends I made in this roleplay, and our writing just clicked together ever so perfectly, like our writing was meant for each other. From day one of joining this roleplay, i didn’t have my hopes up for Owalli to happen. But when it just clicked together that the way we wrote, we couldn’t really say no to stopping that relationship. It had set sail long before either one of us could jump off. each para that we did, almost always by the titles i can remember what was going on. Like the first para we ever did was called ‘i can’t wait to see you again’ It was Owen and Alli coming back together for the first time in years. And then i can go to ‘looks a lot like a tragedy now’ is when Alli miscarries. Then ‘waking up in Vegas’ is that oops wedding, and ‘steel your heart’ is when Owen really proposed to her. And then finally after weeks of waiting, Owalli got hitched in ‘stolen’. I think even though I’m in another roleplay with you. I am going to miss this Owen more than you know. And I’m really trying my hardest not to cry writing this at 3:15 am. But I really can help it. Skylar you are one, if not THE bestest friend that I made from this roleplay. No one not even one of Megan’s Owen’s can replace the spot in my heart for this Owen. He will live on in our heart’s because i have a feeling that if i remember (and i’m going to remember because i’m putting it into my phone right now) i’m going to spam your personal ask with happy birthday Destiny and happy birthday Gavin on their birthdays. Lol we never gave Owen a birthday so you are going to have to tell me that okay, seeing as Alli’s is on mine. omg why am I am still plotting! tell me to stop even though I’ll finish this before you tell me to stop. i love you, and you are the best friend a screw up could have. (okay we’re both screw ups in some way. but still) this when you would finish the line but i really could care less if you do. this is way to long and i want to go to bed. <3 so i will leave you with this, sex - in the back of a delorean? really that’s how their son was made? lol jkjk you love me. okay i’m ending it…now. ha <3333 owalli > owanya. just accept it ;) OH and no more pot brownies kay? check with your brother next time ;D

I guess this is the end.

I knew this day was going to come and I knew it would be soon. Part of me never wanted to accept that one day, this roleplay group would indeed end. I was hoping for it to last my whole junior year, but things don’t always work out like we planned it.

Degrassi of the Future changed my life. I may be sounding dramatic when I say this, but it’s 100% true. I joined this roleplay when I was at my worst. Last summer I was suicidal, and without any of you knowing it, you all basically saved my life. Which is why letting go of this roleplay is that much harder. The Spinner Mason I created is a part of me now. Over the past 5 months, most people in this roleplay grew on me or became what I consider my “family.” So here is what I have to say about those who have touched me in some way or another.

Skylar (Jimmy and Owen): I know we’re in nearly superheroes together, but leaving you on this account still hurts. Both of your characters became to important in Spinner’s life and storyline. It was perfect that we decided to kill Jimmy and Spinner off together as best friends. I do consider you to be in the top 3 of my closest internet friends. You cared about me so much when I was down and I cared about you. I love you as a person and I love your characters so much it’s crazy. Thanks for being a great part of my experience here.

Deejay (Alliah): What can I even say about you, Deejay? Ahaha we’ve become so close over these few months. I grew to genuinely care about you. You were always the one to try to get me to stop smoking pot, which I find hysterical. Alli and Spinner’s relationship in this roleplay was absolutely flawless and I’m heartbroken because of how sad she will be over Spinner’s death. I guess Alli and Anya will truly have to become best friends in superheroes now :3

Sally (Imogen): OH THE GRIEF YOU HAVE CAUSED ME AND MY POOR SPINNER</3 Spimogen IS one of my OTP’s here, but I forgive you for picking Imogeli because Imogeli is perfection. Thank you for dealing with my moody Spinner all the time and thanks for going along with my plots for them. You’re a fabulous Imogen, one of the bests I’ve seen. PLEASE join Skylar’s superhero roleplay. I need to still roleplay with you or I’ll go crazy.

Zoe (Fitz): I love you so much IT HURTS, which is why Zonnah is forever endgame. You are one of the most amazing and beautiful people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet (kinda) and roleplay with. Your Fitz had no flaws. Even though people gave you ooc hate about being cruel to transgenders and gays, you stuck with it because you knew that’s what ic Fitz would do. I ADMIRE YOU BBY. Owanyagen forever.

Deedee (Clare): I really wish Clare and Spinner didn’t hate each other so we would’ve maybe been able to para together at some point or maybe just interact in a friendly manner. Never the less, I love you and your Clare. YOU are rejoining superheroes so we never break apart. I was so heartbroken when you deactivated your Clare last week. SO DO IT <3

Laura (Adam): First off, I’m sorry for ruining Decya</3 Now that that’s out of the way, I can get on with this. I love your over sensetive, yet adorable Adam. Spadam was my brotp in this roleplay because, well, they were perfection. Your writing is so amazing and I hope that one day I can write as well as you can. <3

Last but not least, Sydney (Holly J): I’m sorry if I corrupted your youth within the past few months, I swear I don’t mean to ;D. You are so adorable and sweet in every single way. I WAS ENCHANTED TO MEET YOU. But I wish this lasted long enough to see the perfection that was Dolly J having their babies. YOU JOIN SUPERHEROES TOO. NEVER LEAVE ME AND ZOE.

Now that that is said and I’m crying, I guess I’ll wrap this up. To the people I didn’t include, I’m sorry. I had a longer list, but I just can’t write anymore. I hope no one hates me for killing Spinner, I just needed closure on how his storyline ended in some way. If it makes you feel better, Skylar and I decided that Jimmy and Spinner’s last words were saying I love you to eachother </3.

Peace out family. It’s been real.

Keep in touch to me:

My Personal

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Gavin “Spinner” Mason, a 27 year old native resident of Toronto, died around 11 pm on November 29th. As an assistant to Jimmy Brooks, otherwise known as “Drake”, the two were flying on Jimmy’s private jet, but the jet was caught in a terrible storm which lead the plane to crash. The crash was fatal for all passengers. Gavin leaves behind his son Caleb, his girlfriend Emma, his sister Alliah, and his best friends Owen, Adam, and Imogen.

Guys, it’s time.

After talking about it. We have figured that Degrassi of the Future has had it’s run, and it was a good run. Over 5 months, and Skylar, and Hannah, and I all agreed that the earlier months of this roleplay were probably the better of the time that we all had here; with the random food spams and just the easy going nature that was this roleplay. Unfortunately, our roleplay has not been like it was in the beginning for quite some time.

After Steph left, and a good chunk of our members, we have all seen a decrease in posting, and to be honest we think that closing DotF is for the best. The three of us have already said we aren’t going to delete Alli, Owen, Jimmy or Spinner’s accounts. And it would be awesome if you guys could do the same; so you can always go back and read old paras and such. 

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to a part of this family. Some of you have been here since the beginning and some of you are new members, but either way, we appreciate every one of you for being a part of this group at one time. This roleplay has been difficult to watch slowly die away, which is why this is best.

We love each and every one of you.


Deejay, Hannah, and Skylar.

PS: You guys are Welcome to join:

Skylar’s roleplay : Nearly Superheroes

DeeJay & Megan’s roleplay: Deceivingly Degrassi


Jimmy “Drake” Brooks

Jimmy “Drake” Brooks, a 27 year old famous rap artist of Los Angeles, California, native resident of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, passed away on November 29, 2016 in a plane crash on route towards Toronto from LA. On board of the private jet with Jimmy was best friend and assistant, Gavin “Spinner” Mason. The accident was completely fatal with no survivors, caused by an unexpected storm. Jimmy leaves behind his music partners, including good friends Manny Hogart, Alliah Milligan, his parents, and especially his millions of adoring fans. Jimmy would have given the world to his fans if he could, thankful for the endless support they gave him. “YOLO: You Only Live Once. That’s the motto.”

davidfadeaway replied to your post: Guys

Jenna (which might not be too hard), Johnny, Mia, Craig. Chantay but lol she’s dead still…

…yes chantay is still dead XD

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